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West Virginia State Folk Festival

Music, Heritage, and Appalachian  Culture

When you attend a festival centered around music, do you ever wish there was a place where you would be welcome to join in?  The Singing Tent, located beside the Country Store on Court Street, is just that place.  Friday and Saturday afternoons you are invited to sit with a couple of people leading the singing of some old familiar songs.  Some of these songs might be new to you, but they will all be easy to pick up.  And Harmony is welcome! 

Annie Trimble and husband, Curt Cooper, will be joining us again as they have done for many years.  Curt and Annie still perform mostly in the Pittsburgh area and love to sing with neighbors and friends.  Annie just returned from touring with a group of musicians around China.  Old-Time music in China!  Ask her about that trip.

Kathy Kaiser and husband, Dave Gardner, love the Folk Festival so much that they got married immediately following it  a few years ago -  at my house in Tanner,  just outside of Glenville.  It was a beautiful wedding with lots of singing before and after.  They will be leading the singing on Friday and Saturday afternoons also.

Mary and Les Caraher from Elkins, WV have led singing in The Singing Tent many times, always to the delight of old friends who know these are friendly folks who love to sing with people who appreciate old-time music.  They usually have Ken Shellor on banjo with them.  You get a whole band to sing with here!

I (Ginny Hawker) will be leading a session also both afternoons, hopefully with my talented husband, Tracy Schwarz, if he isn't involved in a jams somewhere!  I've been singing as long as I can remember, starting with my family of 51 first cousins in Virginia.  I moved to West Virginia 34 years ago when I attended the Folk Festival and knew this was my Home.  It's a place where music is integral to life, not just "performed" on stages.  I've done that performing around the country and abroad, but nothing compares to sitting down and singing old songs with my friends and neighbors.

Come sit a spell and sing with us in The Singing Tent.
2016 Singing Tent Schedule

Friday, June 17th:

1:00 - Ginny Hawker and Tracy Schwarz
2:00-  Kathy Kaiser & Dave Gardner
3:00 - Annie Trimble and Curt Cooper
4:00 - Mary and Les Caraher

Saturday, June 18th:

1:00  Gospel Sing in Methodist Church
              led by Ginny Hawker
2:00 -  Kathy Kaiser and Dave Gardner
3:00 -  Annie Trimble and Curt Cooper
4:00 -  Mary and Les Caraher

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